Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

We have solutions for all size companies and will guide you in finding what you need, as part of our service to you.

All manufactured to BS-5750 standard. Food Industry products all BSEN-1276 pas

The following products have been carefully selected as our most popular item’s/ best sellers. These can be adjusted accordingly. We have existing clients with restrictions/ conditions to meet. So they have bespoke formulas made. We can do this for you too…..

We supply the following in a variety of sizes:

  • 4x5L
  • 25L
  • IBC 1000L

****Please use product codes when placing orders, or get advice from one of our experienced sales team today****

Ultimate Clean (UMPC-104)
A multi purpose, super concentrated cleaner used by a multitude of industries.
Suitable for floors, walls and a number of surfaces with instant effects.

Super Silicone Cleaner (SSC-110)
A specialised cleaner used in many production sites to remove excess silicone where necessary.

Suitable for machinery and hardware surfaces.

Super Degreaser with foam (SD-114)

A highly concentrated degreaser which is used for removal of heavy soiling issues to remove grease and oils.

Suitable for production sites, various floors, machinery and spillages.

Ultimate low foam Degreaser (ULFD-105)

Similar to the above with the foam formula extracted, making this more suitable for applications the public maybe exposed to. e.g street signs and car parks.
And suitable for most industries.

Truckwash (PTFR-103)
Highly concentrated vehicle cleaner used specifically for vehicles with heavy soiling.
Can be diluted to your desired strength.

Ultimate Screenwash (USW-106)
A highly concentrated super screen wash.
Used by fleet divisions.

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