Hand Care and Miscellaneous

Hand Care and Miscellaneous

We specialise in a variety of hand cleaning wipes for ALL industries.

Here’s our most popular range of wipes:

Super Scrub Wipes- Citrus (SSW-101)

Our most common wipe with citrus scent.
These wipes have holes , and impregnated with your desired scent or scentless.
(Please specify when placing your order)

Super Scrub Wipes XL (SSW-102)

A/A just in a larger size for more industrial uses.

Derma Friendly Wipes (DFW-107)

For those with sensitive skin. These were formulated to be extra friendly to the individuals that have dermatitis.

Used by many industries with the same performance as the above

Hand Cleaning Scrub/ orange with natural beads (HSCO-108)

An industrial hand care cleaning scrub. With natural granules for extra performance and in an orange scent.

Hand Cleaning Scrub/ lemon with natural beads (HSCL-109)

A/A in a lemon scent

****Please ask one of our experienced sales team if you require any latex or nitrale gloves alongside your order****

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